The Necklace: Decline

The series tells the mysterious story of two identical Art Nouveau jewelery from the early twentieth century. The true one considered to be the duplicate Charlotte Liebermann in this story, and the duplicate considered to be the original, possessed by the young and ambitious Josefina Konrádová. In 1992, this Czech-German series was shot by director … Read more

Hindenburg: The Last Flight

A German television film filmed in 2011 by Philippe Kadelbach, who portrays one of the possible conspiracy theories about the fate of the most famous German airship of his time. In addition, the screenwriter succeeded in enriching the fictitious story of love between the merchant’s daughter and the engineer involved in the construction of this air … Read more

Dark Blue World

War drama about friendship, heroism, love and sacrifice of Czech airmen serving at the British RAF. The name of the film is inspired by the color of walking uniforms and the same name by Jaroslav Ježek. The film by Jan Svěrák was based on narratives and autobiographical books by Lieutenant General Frantisek Fajtl. In the … Read more

Code designation of aircraft according to NATO

The North Atlantic Alliance has used a precisely defined code list for the cataloging and easier identification of weapon systems of the former Soviet Union, Eastern Bloc countries and other countries, which was introduced in 1954 by the ASCC in order to unify aeronautical terminology. Aircraft technology has been assigned passwords according to a simple … Read more