Extra E-300

Extra Flugzeugbau EA-300 is a two-seater acrobatic monoplane capable of designing and using the Unlimited category. On these specials are currently flying our most famous acrobatic pilots Martin Šonka, Petr Kopfstejn, Marek Hyka or Radim Bajgar. The airplane was designed in 1987 by the German acrobatic pilot Walter Extra, which was based on the previous model Extra 230, which had wings made of wood.

The first prototype of this aircraft took off on May 6, 1988. German type certification was awarded on this acrobatic special issued in May 1990 and the first single-pilot airplane Extra 300 S won its premiere on 4. March 1992. The torso of this special is designed to withstand gravity overload ± 10G with one pilot ± 8G with two piles.

The Extra E-300 machine frame is made of aluminum-coated welded steel tubes. Wing beams are made of composite materials that guarantee the stability of gravity overloads up to 24 °F. Thanks to the symmetrical wing profile and zero lead, the machine has the same flight characteristics regardless of whether the chassis is up or not. Fixed chassis mounts are also made of composite materials, except for wheel covers made of fiberglass. The drive unit of the machine consists of a direct injection engine Lycoming AEIO-540 with a power of 224 kW. Interestingly, the airplane was also a model for creating the negative “characters” of Ned and Zed from Disney’s Aircraft movie.




  • 300
  • 300S
  • 330SX*
  • 300SP**
  • 300SHP
  • 300SR
  • 300L
  • 300LP
  • 330SC
  • 330LX
Manufacturer Extra Flugzeugbau
Airplane type  
Engine power  
Wing area  
Flying range  

* later replaced by 330SC

** development was halted and replaced by 330SC