Open Day of the Airport Náměšť nad Oslavou

The 22nd Helicopter Air Force Base in Náměšť nad Oslavou opened its gates again this Saturday. The official opening of the day of the open door and then the festive baptism of the book entitled The History of the Helicopter Air Force in the Czech Lands from 1945 to the present was accompanied by a magnificent performance of the Central Music of the Czech Army. Throughout the day, it was possible to inspect a great deal of historical and contemporary land and aircraft techniques. Part of the afternoon flight program was also a dynamic flight demonstration of a very faithfully elaborated Mil Mi-24 combat helicopter model. Retractable chassis, floodlit positioning lights and flashing mini-flares imitating the Falanga-P rocket set even further outlined the realism of the entire RC model.

One of the hangars of the airport presented its exhibits with the Air Museum Koněšín, which cooperates very closely with the military historical institute of Prague. There were various airbags, seats, piston and jet engines, rocket carriers, and air simulators. Historical objects were also exhibited here by the 276th Sqdn military history club. (reenacted) RAF. It is a little interesting that this base has its own aviation museum, unfortunately it is only open to the public within this event.