Shooting paratrooper for children

In the eighties, the company Irisa Vsetín produced a plastic figure of a parachutist with a parachute, which was fired with a slingshot and was available almost everywhere. There was also a larger version of this toy, but it was already a dragon left during the fall months in a classic string. Today, these two toys can hardly get anywhere at all, so I would like to describe how you can make a very simple version of this toy in your home in a few minutes.

To produce this retro toy we will need a wooden round log of about 3-4 cm in diameter, a hardwood board of min. 120×200 mm and a thickness of about 20 mm, a large man’s handkerchief, a thin string or a yarn, modeling rubber 3×3 mm, about 40 cm long, a piece of leather or leatherette, dispersion glue, poplar saw, large carving file (raspli), emery paper, knife , punch, pencil and color pens.

We cut off a log of 10 cm long, which will form the body of the paratrooper itself. One end is divided by a pencil into a quarter and about 2 cm from this end we mark the mark around the mark. Take a knife and cut off a deep groove at the marked spot where the “rope” of the parachute will be attached. Then create a knife from each quarter of the vertical groove ending at the previous groove. Finally, with the sandpaper, all the chips and sharp edges and colorful pins are painted on the prepared log we paint our paratrooper. If you want to, you can leave this part of your children’s creativity and go into the parachute production.

When creating this part of the toy we start with the ropes first. For the production of which is the best hard yarn, which is now sold in seven different colors, and so creativity limits do not. Cut out four of the same (approximately 40 cm) long pieces that we hold firmly around all the corners of a large men’s handkerchief. Of course, you can also wear a parachute at home, according to your own ideas, from various colorful substances. In such a production, it is necessary to keep the size of the male handkerchief, which is usually 40 x 40 cm and add some extra centimeters to the seams.

We will now take our parachutist and attach our parachute to him. We place the parachute ropes in the vertical grooves so that they extend 10-15 cm above the horizontal groove. Fold all four protruding ends into a horizontal groove and secure with a dispersion adhesive. The landlord is done and we only need to make a gun to fire it.

The handbag should be handy for about 10 cm in order to sit well in your hand. The shoulder pitch should be sufficient to give the paratrooper a comfortable shot and the force of the sling shoulder should be at least 2 cm. After drawing all the necessary dimensions, the Y-shaped body is drawn on a hardwood board and then cut with a belt or chain saw. The rasps then cut the edges and cork the handle. We cut the bed of the sling from the rest of the leather or the leatherette, then pierce the two holes with the arrow, which then stretch the rubber. Approximately 2 cm from the rim of the sling body, we cut the grooves and consider the already prepared modeling rubber with the bed.

So we have a complete toy and now we’ll talk about how to prepare your parachutist for a flight. We take the opposite ends of the parachute and transfer it to half, again and then again. Then we rotate the parachute ropes even with a parachute parachute. A paratrooper so prepared can simply put a sling in the bed, shoot at the sky and watch how your little paratrooper returns to the ground.



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