The first Czech electric airplane named Phoenix

This year, Phoenix Air U-15 Phoenix was launched from Prague’s Letňany on 25 July. This two-seater glider enfolded the whole of the Czech Republic, testing battery life, tuning the engine and other technical features of this machine.

On the idea of ​​developing the first Czech electric glider, Martina Štěpánka brought in 2008 a well-known aviator model Jaroslav Mach. After the discussion with the designer Pavel Urban, it became clear that it is at the limit of technical possibilities, but achievable. Together with Ing. Josef Rydeel then founded Phoenix Air and started to work on this airplane. In December of that year, they were able to take the first strength test of the glider body and the following year and the first test flight. In 2011, this machine won 3rd place in the CAFE / NASA Green Flight Challenge and 1st place in the Most Beautiful Design of Lightweight Sports Aircraft in Florida. The airplane from Ústí nad Orlicí is currently very popular mainly in the United States of America and France, where it was written by Volez magazine in 2009.

Manufacturer Phoenix Air s.r.o.
Crew 1 pilot
Capacity 1 passenger
Airplane type Low wing
  • HKS 700E
  • Rotax 912
  • Jabiru 2200
Engine power
  • 42 kW (HKS 700E)
  • 59,6 kW (Rotax 912)
  • 64 kW (Jabiru 2200)
Speed travel 120 km/h
Length 6,5 m
Span 14,5 m
Height 1,3 m
Wing area 12,36 m²
  • empty 300 kg
  • take off 480 kg


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