Air Tractor AT-400

Air Tractor AT-400

Air Tractor AT-400 is an airplane primarily built for agricultural purposes. This is a low-floor flatbed with a chassis, cruise control and a 1,510-liter chemical tank. Although it is very similar to our Zlín Z-137 Turbočmelák powdering machine, it first came into the air in 1979 and was awarded the certification in the following year in April. However, our derivative variant Z-37 had to wait until its first take-off until 1981 and its serial production did not start until 1985.

The first AT-400 was powered by a 507 kW Pratt & Whitney Canada PT6A engine and fitted with the Hartzell-B3TN-3D HC propeller. Unfortunately, just the next type of AT-400A has already been installed only a weaker engine with a capacity of only 410 kW. This was followed by the AT-401 with a longer wingspan and a 447 kW Pratt & Whitney R-1340. With this variant, the joy was just an upgraded AT-301 predecessor. Later on, the Polish PZL-3S engine was also tested on this variant, but only one specimen was built. Since December 2001, the latest AT-402 version has been produced with revised wings and increased spans. Animators from DisneyToon Studios have been inspired by this machine to create the animated figure of Dusty Crophopper (Powder) from Aircraft. In various variants, a total of only 495 pieces were built from the four-row series. In April 1986, it replaced the upgraded 500 series, varying primarily from larger wingspan, longer hull, bulkier chemical tank, and observer seat.




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  • AT-400A
  • AT-401
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  • AT-402
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  • AT-402B
Manufacturer Air tractor Inc.
Crew 1 pilot
Airplane type Low wing
Engine Pratt&Whitney Canada PT6A-15AG
Engine power 507 kW
  • working 193-225 km/h
  • travel 260 km/h
Length 8,23 m
Span 15,54 m
Height 2,59 m
Wing area 28,45 m²
  • empty 1875 kg
  • takeoff 3565 kg
Flying range 1062 km

* prototype with PZL-3S engine