Dark Blue World

War drama about friendship, heroism, love and sacrifice of Czech airmen serving at the British RAF. The name of the film is inspired by the color of walking uniforms and the same name by Jaroslav Ježek. The film by director Jan Svěrák was based on autobiographical books and the story of Lieutenant General František Fajtl. In the same year when it was released in cinemas, it won five Czech Lions (best director, camera, editing, music and the most successful Czech film for viewers). As a technical and historical advisor, the brigadier general v.v. Antonín Liška.

The story of the film begins with the memory of Lieutenant Slama in the afternoon spent with his beloved Hanička, which interrupts the cruel return to reality. Following the inhuman behavior of František’s warden, Frantisek collapses in fever on the floor of the peace prison’s workshops. Narration of the story continues with the return of Lieutenant Slama and Sergeant Vojtíška to the Platzer Kiebitz from a training flight to the airport. That evening, Konic’s inhabitants of the radio will learn about the occupation of the Nazi republic. The following day, Czechoslovak soldiers are forced to leave the confiscated airport. Straw and sergeant Vojtíšek therefore decides to leave for England and fight against the Nazis. In spite of the initial language barrier, they both go along with other aeronautical training, and they will soon get into the air.

Attentive viewers will certainly notice inaccuracies in aircraft types when Ondřej Vetchý, as Lieutenant Slama, reports an attack on the Messerschmitt BF-109 blue squadron. In fact, it is his Spanish version of Hispano Aviación HA-1112 Buchon. During the patrol flight, Vojtíšek is shot down during a solitary bomber and on his way back to the squadron he falls in love with Brit Susan, who hides him overnight. But she falls in love with Franta, creating a love triangle that makes friends come to play. After defending the North American B-25 Mitchell bomber, Frant tries to explain to Karl how unsuccessful he is. On one of the other routine flights, Karel will see from his Spitfire Frant a car at the Susan house, which Tara Fitzgerald has done here, and everything will happen to him.

In the course of an air duel, Lieutenant Slama mistakenly evaluates the Vojtíška cover fire as an attempt at personal revenge for taking over his beloved Susan. During the investigation, however, he turns out to have saved his life professionally. František will apologize for the misunderstanding and the deportation of Suzan, but it takes a long time for Charles to start talking again. Franta, on a mission where their squadron escorted American aircraft Boeing B-17 Flying Fortess breaks down the airplane and is forced to land an emergency in the sea. Vojtíšek remains in the place of his wreckage, and when he finds out that he has a shattered radio, he will try to throw his own lifeboat. Unfortunately, this attempt will not work and he will kill him. After the war, the lieutenant returns to Kanice for his Hanička, who has been married for a few years as a dispatcher. The story goes back to the workshop when Pete is asleep in the service and everyone gets a rare time to relax.

After watching the premiere of this film, General František Fajtl (allegedly) commented on it with the words:

“I liked it very much because he not only showed the faithful fights of the Royal Air Force fighter, but he also gave a picture of a wonderful friendship between the airmen. The film is a great satisfaction for us who have been persecuted after the war. “



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