Days of the open door of the museum genpor. Františka Peřiny

In the village of Morkůvky, this week the open doors of the Museum dedicated to the local famous native and the air force of the Second World War genpor were held. František Peřina. In the exposition you can see not only countless plaques, memorial medals and decorations, but also cups for hunting, period documents, personal uniforms or models of aircraft on which the genporian himself. Duvet during II. World War I flew. Information boards can also read about his career as an acrobatic pilot, post-war emigration, and a half-stop return to the republic. Unfortunately, most of the exhibits have been lent to this museum by the Military Historical Institute of Prague and therefore can not be photographed.

During the last day, the airplane modellers from Křepice and its surroundings were also part of the event. Although the weather did not suit them well and the surface of the local course was inapplicable for large models with a combustion engine, synchronous flight viewers of four Multiplex FunCub models or a large home-made drones with colorful LED lights.


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