Turbolet returns home

On Saturday, an event called Sixties with the Technical Museum took place in Brno, organized for the round 60th birthday of this institution. A rich program was prepared for visitors throughout the day, supplemented by sightseeing tours by historic public transport cars. Not only historical cars or presentations of the Brno Police History Club were … Read more

Reborn swallow

After yesterday, the Military History Institute can be proud of another completely renovated aircraft. One of its largest exhibits, the Avia Av-14 transport aircraft, was ceremoniously returned to the exposition of the Aviation Museum in Kbely. VHÚ acquired this machine for its collections on 5. December 1975, so the handover took place symbolically on the … Read more

Air is our sea

In the Třebíč chateau with the adjoining basilica of St. Prokop was recently opened an exhibition entitled Air is our sea-100 years of aviation in the Třebíč region. Outdoors was a beautiful weather and, moreover, a national holiday, I did not resist and visited this exposition. Every visitor learns not only about the diverse military … Read more

The opening ceremony of the RAF Museum

In the village of Police at Jemnice, a ceremonial opening of new exhibitions of the RAF Museum took place today, which is located in the premises of a local mansion. This unique event in the Czech Republic is an idea of ​​the Czech Spitfire Club, which in 2009 solved problems with suitable spaces for its … Read more