AeroCanard RG

AeroCanard RG is the third version of the four-seat composite airplane called duck concept, which has the full retractable chassis as the only version. It is a plane that AeroCad offers as a construction kit in different phases of processing designed for amateur construction by the end user. This version has also become a model for the production of the Ishani airplane in Disney’s family film Aircraft.

AeroCad Company originated from Cozy Mk.IV aircraft from Aircraft Spruce & Specialty Co. and Aerospace Velocity. The first of these two types is currently also licensed under the name AeroCanard SB. The entire aircraft is powered by a 150 kW Lycoming IO-360 engine equipped with a pressure propeller. The plane stands on a three-wheeled chassis, which has (except for the RG variant) retracting only the front wheel.



  • AeroCanard SB
  • AeroCanard FG
  • AeroCanard RG
  • AeroCanard SX
Manufacturer AeroCad
Crew 1 pilot
Capacity 3 passengers
Airplane type Centerplane
Engine Lycoming IO-360
Engine power 150 kW
Speed maximum 338 km/h
Length 5,1 m
Span 8,6 m
Height 2,3 m
Wing area 31,1 m²
  • empty 590 kg
  • takeoff 975 kg
Flying range 1 609 km