Color slides of war workers

When talking about the war workers who were the backbone of America’s war industry, most of us think only of the We Can Do It! poster which I wrote about in the previous post. But what did these women (appearing in many war films) actually look like and what should we imagine under this term today. … Read more

We Can Do It!

Although printed posters began to appear around 1480, in today’s post we will not focus so much on the history of these paper banners as the creation of one of them. As you probably already know, we will be talking about the legendary war poster of a woman in a blue overalls and a red scarf … Read more


The history of sending messages by post dates back to ancient times, when the Egyptian, Roman, Persian, Chinese or Indian civilizations could already boast of its very good network. However, receiving and sending was reserved mainly for the monarch and only in exceptional cases was it also served to the public. Due to the great … Read more

History of the Air Insignia III.

In today’s final installment of the trilogy on the history of the military roundel, we look at the evolution of the insignia of the fourth most famous user, the US Air Force. The development of this roundel over time is probably the most complicated of all the four main operators, but it is all the more … Read more