Patrons and protectors

Since time immemorial, people have invented mythical creatures or heroes with superhuman abilities to protect them from humanity from various monsters, enemy invaders or other incredible threats. In the course of time and the evolution of society they were either renamed or forgotten with the advent of Christianity. However, they have been replaced by various … Read more Patrons and protectors

Air is our sea

In the Třebíč chateau with the adjoining basilica of St. Prokop was recently opened an exhibition entitled Air is our sea-100 years of aviation in the Třebíč region. Outdoors was a beautiful weather and, moreover, a national holiday, I did not resist and visited this exposition. Every visitor learns not only about the diverse military … Read more Air is our sea

In Kohoutovice, they remembered the Soviet flyer

The citizens of Brno-Kohoutovice today commemorated the anniversary of the liberation of this city part by the Soviet troops. The story, which relates to this commemorative act and became the key during the final struggles for this part of the city, began seventy-three years ago. The end of the war was already falling, but Kohoutovice … Read more In Kohoutovice, they remembered the Soviet flyer