Knights of the Heaven – Fragments

At Brno’s Technical Museum there is an exhibition devoted to Czechoslovak airmen and ground staff serving during the Second World War at the British RAF. This project of the Museum of Bohemian, Slovak and Ruthenian exile, however, began its pilgrimage at the Brno Exhibition Grounds, where its festive opening was also held in the presence of several prominent figures. The event was also attended by local native and former combat pilot genmjr. Emil Boček. The opening ceremony was also attended by Mons. Dominik Duka OP, who at the outset served the junket for all the recalled pilots.

After the presentation in the Moravian pavilion, the exhibition was moved to the TMB area due to the great public interest, until 18 February. Visitors can see original aviation uniforms, a large number of state awards, or personal items of pilots. The uniqueness of the whole exhibition lies mainly in the presentation of information panels with an alphabetical list of about 2 500 RAF members from the occupied Czechoslovakia. The whole atmosphere is enhanced model 276th squadron briefing room and a nice period music.